NAFSI (2016)

Project Studio Creations presents a chali flani production, a short film by Charlie Kimilu, Nafsi.


James Kahando, Brian Kayongo, Moses Odhiambo and Gadiel Njoroge.

Written by

Charlie Kimilu and Teddy Gitau from an idea by Joseph Magu.

Director of Photography

Bo Muigai

Camera Operator

Alfie Simatwa


Cheki Ambalwa

Production Manager

Waruingi Mwaniki

Assistant Director

Ronnie Mugambi

Location Sound Recordist

Raphael Mwaura

Camera Assistant

Harun Anzia

Production Accountant

Cynthia Ndanu

Production Assistants

Beth Mwaura and Gadiel Njoroge.

Nafsi has not been rated yet. The short film was released straight to YouTube on 17th December 2016 after submission to Machakosfest 2016 thirteen days earlier.


After a talented street kid is offered a lifeline by a complete stranger, he battles his inner demon to overcome adversity and grow both as an artist but more importantly, as a person.

My Personal Rating | Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarGrey StarGrey StarGrey StarGrey StarGrey StarGrey Star

Director’s Statement

Three years after completing my studies (Diploma in Film & Television Production), Nafsi is the first and only film I have ever embarked on and actually completed. Backed by a great team, both cast and crew, it was originally created for the Machawood‘s Machakosfest 2016 edition whose theme was GROWTH where the film was nominated for Best Cinematography.

I am personally obsessed with the mind’s commentary on everything and this is evident in Nafsi, portrayed as a symptom of the street kid’s (James Kahando) glue sniffing habit. This manifests itself as the off putting voice of his pseudo-companion (Brian Kayongo). I figured I could have delivered this fact better after watching the edit but someone asked me, “Isn’t this true for every film you make?”

Poverty, and growing out of it, is the central theme that drives this narrative. This is true for most of us especially at the point we undertake the task to carve lives for ourselves. It may not be as easy as the film makes it out to be but upon looking back, this story is a familiar reflection of my own journey in the ensuing years after film school. I hope everyone who watches Nafsi recognizes a little bit of themselves in the short.

Signed - chaliflani


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